We are engaged in the business of conducting safe, secure and hassle free voting. We arrange voting through internet, mobile and ballot paper. We are a three year old company and has carried out multiple voting assignments for different organizations namely IAP, ASI etc. Besides voting we also do surverys, data collection and maintenance.


We are engaged in following services


Internet Voting

Internet Voting by Adena is Fast, Secure and can be done anytime anywhere. No need to use costly ballot paper, going to voting stations or mailing charges. The voting can be done sitting in the comfort of home and is highly secure. The salient features of Adena I-voting are:-

  • Easy to vote
  • No prior knowledge of software required
  • No complex knowledge or browser, computer or internet required
  • Anyone can log in and do in s secure manner
  • It is 100% safe and secure
  • 100% correct votes are cast i.e. not even a single vote is wasted
  • Everything done in real time
  • Continuous counting and voters, election commissioners can see the number of people who have voted in real time
  • All votes are IP tracked
  • No chance of any rigging
  • No need to keep ballot papers for posterity as past election data is easily available in digital form
  • Save & time money on traveling and fuel
  • No massive infrastructure like office, staff required
  • Adena has more than 4 years of experience in conducting I-voting
  • Data is secure behind multiple security levels

Mobile Voting

Mobile is the most sought after way to communicate in today’s digital world. Adena Mobile voting is fast, secure and doesn’t require complex software’s or app to be installed. Some of the features of Adena mobile voting are:-

  • Can be done through any mobile that send or receive an sms
  • Doesn’t even require a smartphone. Any simple mobile will do
  • No need to download any app or any software
  • Simple two stage 2 sms process
  • Anyone can do voting in 1-2 minutes
  • Voting is done by sending 2 simple sms
  • Highly secure and convenient
  • Free for voters
  • Normal sms charges apply
  • Doesn’t require internet

Ballot Voting

Adena has devised a standard way to do traditional voting. This method is fast, convenient and has been standardized to the core. Right from data collection to declaration of results, all hassle is ours.


For conducting surveys Contact us at adenavoting@gmail.com


Data services include Data Collection, Cleaning & Maintenance. The data can be used for voting and other purposes. We employ multiple ways to collect and clean data that can then be effectively used for all communication purposes. To know more contact adenavoting@gmail.com


  • Indian Academy Of Pediatrics
  • Association of Surgeons Of India


  I'm sending this mail to convey my appreciation of the very good work done by you and your team in Adena Solutions in the recently concluded elections to various posts in Association of Surgeons of India. This was the first time that more than 60 persons were elected, out of nearly 150 candidates who contested, to different posts in a single election through e-voting in the history of ASI. To maximise participation we had permitted voters to register till 31st July although the last date for voting was 5th August. Thanks to your cooperation in uploading the voters' data within a few hours of registration, we were able to achieve a very high voting percentage of 84%. You also attended to the problems that were taken to your notice promptly and helped in putting the system back on track without delay. As Chief Election Officer appointed by the Hon High Court of Madras, I'm happy to note that an overwhelming majority of voters have expressed the view that the elections were conducted in a fair and transparent manner. This would not have been possible without the hard work put in by you and your team and your full cooperation. I wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

Chief Election Commissioner, ASI
(Appointed by Honorable High Court, Chennai)







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